AiF members: Industrial research associations

The AiF system of collective research is based on industrial research associations. The research associations collect ideas for research projects and decide whether they represent common research needs within an industrial branch or field of technology. The associations have scientific committees and boards, with representatives from both industry and research, for this purpose. Their prime tasks are:

  • discussion of ideas, problems and needs arising “bottom up“ from industry
  • development of research projects
  • evaluation of proposals for research projects
  • selection of qualified research facilities
  • monitoring and controlling research work
  • evaluation of research results
  • transfer and dissemination of results
  • training and advising on the utilisation of results.

A research association seeking public financial support for a collective research project applies for funding to the AiF. The AiF, acting on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, takes care of the entire administrative process, starting with the organisation of the evaluation of proposals.

Profiles of AiF member organisations

An overview of the AiF member organisations can be found here (PDF-Download 3,6 MB).



Membership of KoWi

EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Koordinierungsstelle EG der Wissenschaftsorganisationen (KoWi)

Membership of EARTO