Key elements

  • Industrial Collective Research is research for broad groups of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Each project must clearly demonstrate the economic added value of the research-work for enterprises in a given sector
  • Collective Research projects are proposed and managed exclusively by industrial associations
  • Collective research projects are performed by research institutes or universities selected according to their excellence
  • The involvement of SMEs in every research-project is guaranteed via project monitoring groups
  • Diffusion and technology transfer are performed by both, the involved industrial associations and the research institutes

Key figures

  • Budget 2013: 138,4 Mio. €
  • Number of projects 2013: 1,540
  • Institutes Involved: 690
  • Firms Involved: 15,557
  • Funding: approx. 200,000 € per Project
  • IGF-Variants
    • Leading Technologies for SMEs: Projects of greater scale concerning future technologies and increasing the competitiveness of an entire business sector
    • CLUSTER: Projects of greater scale consisting of several individual parts
    • CORNET: Transnational Cooperative Research

Preferred R&D-fields

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