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Industrial Collective Research /
"Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung" (IGF)

Aim of Programme

  • Collective research for the benefit of entire industrial sectors, preferably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Openly accessible project results as basis for follow-up developments in individual enterprises
  • Increasing the innovative strength of SMEs by industry-driven research projects, generated 'bottom up' and determined directly by its needs
  • Strengthening the capability of SMEs to persist in increasingly internationalized markets

Funding Conditions

  • Eligible applicants in Germany are industrial research associations (members of AiF only).
  • Associations can assign research institutes of universities and other non-profit research centres to carry out the R&D work.
  • Percentage of funding: approx. 80-90 % of the estimated project costs (resp. 100 % of the expenses that can be subsidised by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • Commercial sectors are expected to contribute to the projects (cash, in kind transfers, goods, services).
  • Projects can be funded for max. 2 years


Collective research projects require

  • Scientific/technological demand regarding the industrial development of innovative products, processes and services for the benefit of SMEs
  • Cross-company / industry-wide approach,
  • Pre-competitiveness (serving the need of a wide grouping of companies, project results have to pass an interim stage of individual adjustment after the project and before being implemented into individual SMEs)
  • Economic importance for SMEs,
  • Monitoring by an individually established, project specific SME users group,
  • Set-up of a detailed dissemination plan and its revision with the final report,
  • Pro-active dissemination of results.

More information: www.cornet.online.


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