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Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. - FKT

Reinhardtstraße 14-16 - 10117 Berlin - Phone +49 30 726220-40
Fax +49 30 726220-49 -

Field of work
Fibre based materials surround us in nearly all fields of our life. The textile and fashion industry identified 10 future markets: Architecture, clothing, energy, nutrition, health care, mobility, production/logistics, living, future city and basic topics like climate change, demography and ressource effiency.FKT coordinates precompetitive research projects in the collective research programm.


17 regional and professional associations with 1.200 enterprises (members), thereof 900 small and medium and 300 big enterprises

Number of associations
with 1,200 enterprises (members)
therefrom 900 small and medium and 300 big enterprises

Executive board
Dr. Uwe Mazura

Year of foundation

Full member since