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Research Association of the German Food Industry - FEI

Godesberger Allee 125 - 53175 Bonn - Phone +49 228 3079699-0
Fax +49 228 3079699-9
fei@fei-bonn.de - www.fei-bonn.de/

Field of work
The Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI) is a non-profit, registered association supporting research projects in all fields of food science, food technology and nutritional science.The FEI connects economy and science: It coordinates yearly about 100 cooperative research projects, organises scientific conferences and publishes different media for experts.


Number of associations: 50, with about 36,000 enterprises (members), therefrom about 30,000 (craft) small and medium enterprises and about 6,000 (industry) big enterprises.In 2018, 1069 enterprises, therefrom 717 SME, were involved in the network of the FEI.

Executive board
Dr. Volker Häusser

Year of foundation

Full member since