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PTS Online Seminar "Recyclability of paper & board based packaging"

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Papiertechnische Stiftung

Ansprechpartner: Lydia Tempel

Tel.: +49 3529 551 - 618

The workshop gives the opportunity to get a closer look at different main aspects of recycling and recovered paper, listed below.


  • Certification and labels for recyclability and other EOL options
  • Relevant stakeholders/associations and their current activities in Europe
  • Legislation and regulations for packaging waste and paper for recycling (e.g. EN 643)
  • Technical aspects of recycling
  • End-of-life (EOL) options for paper and board based packaging – collection, sorting, recovery options and disposal
  • Rejects from recycling in a paper mill – types, characteristics, current and future utilization options
  • Recycling technologies for preparation and processing of paper & board based – packaging State of the art, special technologies
  • Test methods for recyclability – paper and board based packaging (incl. virtual lab tour)
  • Packaging Design
  • Paper and board based packaging – materials, packaging types, packaging aids
  • Design parameters for recyclability

Group of participants:

The workshop is designed for engineers and technical staff from paper-/ board-/ tissue-producing or converting companies, quality control managers, product developers, business development-, marketing- and legal affairs managers working in the field of recovered paper, sustainability or similar .

In addition to many requirements for food safety, today's packaging should also be sustainable, biodegradable or as completely recyclable as possible. To get to know these requirements in detail, we recommend our combination offer with our workshop “Introduction to compliance work and quality assurance for paper board in contact with food (FCM)".

Practical Examples:

Despite the online format, we will give you an understanding of the requirements and challenges of the recycling process by means of various examples, illustrate the industrial processing of recovered paper and familiarize you with our laboratory and various test procedures by means of interesting videos.


PTS Donor Advantage: As a member company in one of the PTS Donor Associations "Stifterverbände" you receive a 10% discount on the list price.


650 € (incl. Consultation)

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