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GfKORR Annual Conference 'Aluminium and Magnesium – the Bridge to a Sustainable Future'

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GfKORR - Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz e.V.

Ansprechpartner: Christa Steinmetz

Tel.: +49 69 7564360

Aluminium and magnesium, two materials that have only been used on a larger scale for just over 100 years, are now represented in many areas of application and are indispensable, especially in terms of sustainable lightweight construction. In many of the established applications, however, the resistance and protection of materials in corrosive environments plays an essential role, especially in the expansion of the application to new application areas.

The conference "Aluminium and Magnesium – Lightweight, Sustainable and Innovative" provides insights into new findings and developments on the use of the two materials and on further developed, innovative corrosion protection concepts in applications in aviation, automotive, construction and medical technology.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: https://gfkorr.de/Veranstaltungen.html

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