The network IraSME

IraSME is a network of ministries and funding agencies which are owners or managers of national and regional funding programmes for cooperative research projects between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and in participation of research and technology organisations (RTOs). IraSME supports SMEs in their transnational innovation activities, helps them to acquire technological know-how, extend their networks and bridge the gap between research and innovation.

Aim of the network

  • Calls for proposals for transnational research projects are issued twice a year
  • Objective to develop innovative products, processes or technical services
  • Bottom-up approach, i.e. research topics are not pre-defined
  • Funding is made available through national/regional programmes
  • Unbureaucratic support of the consortia and advice on proposal submission

Funding conditions

  • Projects can be funded if they fulfil the rules of national/regional funding programmes.
  • R&D activities with significant technical risks to realise new or significantly improve existing products, processes or technical services.
  • Consortia consist of at least two SMEs from two different participating countries/regions with complementary technical expertise which is needed to realise the project aim.
  • Additional RTOs with technical skills that are needed for the projects can be funded.
  • Every partner in the consortium has to have a distinct part in the development (no redundancy) corresponding to their technical expertise.

Application and Evaluation

  • The partners in a project file one common proposal application form, which describes the whole transnational project.
  • At the same time the partners file national/regional applications according to the corresponding programmes.
  • The proposals are evaluated in a synchronised procedure by the ministries and funding agencies involved.
  • After a project is approved for funding, each partner receives budget (grants//funds/financial support) from their respective ministry or funding agency.

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