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PTS Online Seminar "Surface functionalization of paper & board packaging"

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Papiertechnische Stiftung

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Marcel Haft

Tel.: +49 3529 551 - 618

Paper based packaging materials for food and consumer goods are highly demanded by end customers as well distributing companies. In many cases one or multiple coating layers enable the packaging to protect e.g. food via barrier functionalities. In the workshop we explain what materials show good barrier properties, how they can be applied onto paper and how they act into the recycling process.

During the workshop, questions and problems of the participants can be specifically addressed.

The workshop is aimed at engineers, technical staff of paper manufacturers and converters, product managers and business development.

Previous knowledge is not required.

Training language is English.

Early-bird prices

648,00 € for registration until 07.07.2021

684,00 € for registration until 07.09.2021

720,00 € for registration until 30.09.2021

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